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E19848 Thousand Island Lake Road, Watersmeet, MI 49969
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+1 906-358-4300


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  • Kate Pauley
    Nov, 13 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My family have been staying in the Thousand Island chain area for 32+ years. We first stayed at family cabins but as we got older we started staying at resorts such as Bents Camp (5 stars) and wilderness Bay (4 stars). We missed out booking a cabin this year with those resorts so my mom set one up with Jay's Resort.

    The grounds are really nice- there is a small beach area, different types of boats for large or small families and about half a dozen cabins.

    Our cabin was #3, it was very clean and had a beautiful screened in porch. Three bedrooms, the room with the bunk bed had the only bathroom attached to it, made it kinda odd with 6 people.

    The resort started to feel uncomfortable when we noticed that the other cabins were filled with potential friends or long time customers, the owners bent over backwards for them but wouldn't get off their butts to help us. For example, my dad was having trouble starting a motor that just had it's fuel changed and wouldn't turn over, the owners sat near by talking to their friends and just watched my dad struggle. Finally, my husband tracked down the owners son after 15-20 of trying the motor.

    Another time, my sister took the family dog out to the washroom and the residents of cabin another cabin kept yelling at her to "pick up her dogs poop." Even though we always did, then when she was bending over to pick up the poop they started clapping and congratulating her. A bunch of jerks all around.

    The owners were really only interested in our money and we're rude when arrived all the way to when we left. We will not be going back!

    Two stars for the decent cabin and how clean it was.
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Jay's Resort

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